At Alpha Chi Omega, we're about shaping real, strong women. What does that mean to you and your daughter?
It means she gets:

  • To be a part of an organization where she can be herself, where she can learn how to make the most of her life, where she can realize her greatest potential in her own way.
  • The encouragement, inspiration, fun and friendship of 200,000 other real, strong women at her side.
  • A four-year collegiate learning and leadership program that supplements and complements what she’ll get in the classroom.
  • Opportunities for lifetime friendships with real, strong women who are making a difference for themselves, their fellow sisters and the world around them.

Events for Parents

Each semester Alpha Chi Omega invites families to participate in a day-long event to introduce parents and siblings to our sorority sisters. Family Day gives sisters’ families the opportunity to meet, mingle, and have a taste of their daughter’s experience within the chapter. Even though families are welcome to the Alpha Chi Omega house at any time, the event starts off with a tour of the house with light snacks and refreshments before starting our event. Previous year Family Day events consisted of a Toledo Mudhens Baseball Game, a tour of a Pumpkin Patch, and the Toledo Museum of Art. This day is not only open to parents and siblings, but to any person that makes you feel like family is more than welcomed!

Parent's Club

Alpha Chi Omega is grateful to have the support of so many families. If you would like to know more about what the Beta Omega chapter is doing and how you can get involved, sign up for our Parent's Club Newsletter here!